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Domain Renewal Tricks

Posted By Seth Carter On Mar 28, 2011 - 12:03:56 AM
Do you have a registered domain name? If you do you may have received in the mail solicitation to renew it. Some people may just cut a check and be done with it. Be careful because some companies are sending out renewal letters to domain holders that are not registered with the company sending out the letters. This is a trick I have seen being used by companies that I am not going to mention here. The reason for this article is to inform you that you should always make sure that you are paying the right company when renewing your domain name. Most people know who their domain registrar is and most people will get emails when it is time to renew. If your one of those people you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

Usually when these companies send out the letters they are sending them several months in advance so as to get you before you get your regular email renewal notice. Also at the top and on the outside of the letter it will say domain name expiration notice. If you don’t read the notice it looks like a renewal notice from the company that already administers the domain. The whole notice is very misleading but it also has information related to transfer of the domain name from your current registrar.

The price for renewal is also more than 3 and half times more than what you could be paying for your domain name. Normally you should only be paying 10 dollars or less for a domain name.

If you have any more questions about domain or hosting questions feel free to send me a message.

Be safe!

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